Annual Meeting of Residential Owners Association

Monday, May 8th – 6:30 check in; 7:00 start time

Frank Fickett Boy Scout Center


It is time for our annual meeting!  This year, not only will there be a chance to see all your neighbors and hear what’s going on in the neighborhood, but we’ll be joined by Michael Sullivan, USPS Postal Inspector, and Leslie Pool, our Austin District 7 Council Member.

In preparation for it, we ask that you make sure to join us (preferred), OR make sure that we have your proxy form (very important if you can’t be there). If you have neighbors who are not able to attend, you can also collect their proxies.

Why are proxies important? They can ensure that we have a quorum.
We will need a quorum to hold the meeting.
If we’re unable to get a quorum, the meeting will need to be rescheduled, at large expense to the association.

Please join us, or send that proxy in!