March 23, 2019

Pool Opening Info

For homeowner convenience, owners will use their current pool access cards for entry to the pool when it opens Saturday, March 16 for Spring Break.   When the new pool security system installation is complete, homeowners will be notified with an Installation Effective Date for the transition to the new system and entrance fobs. 

In the meantime, please submit the Scofield Pool Waiver Form and return to CMA –  As a reminder, each home will receive one (1) free fob. Additional fobs can be purchased for $25 each, with a maximum of four (4) key fobs per household. Payment for extra fobs must be received prior to processing the key fob order.   

Action Required: Pool Security Upgrades

We are happy to announce that very soon the Scofield Farms pool will be receiving a few security updates – new security camera system, new pool security gate, and new entry system.  

Please be advised that the current entry cards will be replaced with key fobs. To claim your replacement fob, complete/sign the form below and return to CMA –

Scofield Pool Waiver Form

Each home will receive one (1) free fob. Additional fobs can be purchased for $25 each, with a maximum of four (4) key fobs per household. Payment for extra fobs must be received prior to processing the key fob order.   

Though the timing of these upgrades is near the planned pool opening date (March 16), we don’t expect a delay at this time.  Thank you for your patience as the new system is being installed, configured, and tested, and please share this info with your neighbors!

Scofield Farms ROA Board

Spring Time in Scofield Farms

Spring is just around the corner! No better time to get a jump on those homeowner maintenance items!!

Now is the time we remind each owner to take a step back and look at their yards and homes to see what might need to be addressed. This could include:

Landscape items: Apply Pre-emergent in Feb-March for weed control & Fertilizing in March – August to promote a healthy green lawn, simple weeding of yards and flower beds, edging sidewalks and driveways, rake up fallen leaves from driveways & sidewalks, adding mulch to beds, replacing those shrubs and flowers that did not survive the winter, pruning any trees and/or shrubs that are hanging too low or blocking sidewalks and signage, replacing sod in bare areas of front yards

General Home Maintenance Items: Power washing and/or painting siding, garage doors and trim that is showing its age with chips and mildew. Don’t forget to power wash the flatwork for a clean fresh look for the Spring!

Fences: check for missing or loose pickets, secure leaning sections; and, if needed, a fresh coat of stain or paint to make them look bright and new.

Please reference the CCRs posted on the Scofield website to ensure your property is in full compliance. Violation notices always increase in the spring for these items mentioned above and by taking care of them quickly, it will help reduce those notices and the cost to the Association and keep fines from being assessed to your property.

With each of you doing your part Scofield Farms will continue to be a community you are proud to call “home.”

Are you connected?

Are you connected?

Scofield Farms ROA – Official Facebook Page
Public page with event announcements and reminders.

Scofield Farms Residents – Unofficial Closed (Private) Facebook Group
Managed by neighbors, come here to connect!

Scofield Farms Yahoo Group – Unofficial Closed (Private) Yahoo Group
Managed by neighbors, email to subscribe.

Pool Opening

The Scofield Farms swimming pool will open for summer on March 16, 2019.

Visit POOL INFORMATION for Pool Rules and more.

Please note the swimming pool will be closed on 8am to 5pm on Mondays for service.

Scofield Farms ROA Board of Directors Meeting

The Scofield Farms ROA Board of Directors will have a board meeting on Monday, January 21, 2019 at 11:30 AM, at Parmer Woods at North Austin – 12429 Scofield Farms Drive, Austin TX 78727.

The agenda is at the link below:

Thank you,

Scofield Farms ROA BOD

SF Holiday Party

Hi Neighbors! Please mark your calendars for our Annual Holiday Party! It will be in the Pool Parking Lot at 3pm on Sat. December 1st. Some of the highlights for this year’s party are:
* Connally Jazz Band
* Baking Contest
* Ugly Sweater Contest
* Ornament Decorating for the Kids
* Hot Chocolate Station
* and much more!

– Scofield Farms Social Committee

Safety first this holiday season

Let’s stay safe this holiday season! Here are some tips and reminders for keeping our homes and vehicles safe from the Travis County Sheriff’s office.


Scofield Skunks

Do you smell that?

Scofield has skunks!  Many neighbors and their four-legged family members have unfortunately had a run in (or two!) with skunks over the past few years.  While skunks are beneficial to our environment (they eat grubs and poisonous snakes), they can also hold us hostage in our own homes.  How can we deter these stinkers?  To prevent them from digging into your back yard, you may consider closing the gap between your perimeter fence and the ground with rocks, chicken wire, or a commercial “no dig” product.  Below are additional methods we can all use to send our smelly friends on their way.

But I have to go outside at night…

Sometimes we just have to be outside at dusk or during the night – when skunks are most active, as they are nocturnal animals.  It can be risky business walking to your car, especially when the night air is filled with skunk odor.  These are some avoidance tactics:

  • Turn on your exterior lights before you exit your home.
  • Make a little noise to send them on their way, but not so much as to startle them if right in front of your doorway.
  • If you see a skunk, move slowly and calmly back away – despite your instinct to get the heck out of there as fast as possible!
  • This is simple, but avoid walking your dog at night.

We’ve been hit! 

Has your dog (or you!) been sprayed?  Skip the tomato juice and try this mixture instead.  (If you are the victim of the skunk’s spray, you may also consider working from home the next day!)

Skunk Facts:

And just for fun, here are some interesting details about Pepe LePew and his cousins:

  • A skunk’s sulfuric spray has a range of up to 10 feet, and its odor can be detected up to 1.5 miles.
  • Skunks eat wasps and honeybees, and will often attack beehives.
  • Immune to snake venom, skunks are known to eat poisonous snakes like rattlesnakes.
  • Although skunks have very poor eyesight, they have excellent senses of smell and hearing – so keep your garbage covered!
  • A group of skunks is called a surfeit.
  • Skunks generally breed in late winter or early spring, with the litter arriving 60-75 days later, usually in May or June.
  • Litters range from three to ten youngsters.
  • Skunks have easy-going temperaments and try to avoid trouble at all costs.


In closing, did you hear the joke about the skunk?  You don’t want to – it really stinks!   Good luck, neighbors!

2018 Annual Meeting Recap

Thanks to all neighbors who attended the 2018 Annual Meeting of the Scofield Farms ROA, held Wednesday, May 9, 2018 at the Frank Fickett Boy Scout Center.    Quorum was met via attending homeowners and submitted proxies, so business was allowed to proceed.

A draft of the 2018 Annual Meeting Minutes has been posted on General Documents page.

Welcome to DJ Loberg who was elected new member of the board!  DJ has been a Scofield Farms neighbor for 9 years and has volunteered in the past on multiple committees.  We’re happy to have you!

Anyone who knows outgoing board member Diane Harvey Anderson knows she gives of herself fully and sincerely.  As an original owner, she has been a guiding light for our neighborhood, serving on various committees and on the board.  We give the utmost of thanks to Diane for all she has given of herself for the benefit of Scofield Farms.  Diane, your work has made tremendous impact in our community, and we appreciate you!

2018-2019 Scofield Farms ROA Board:
Ketan Patel – President
Troy Alexander – Vice President
Mike Karbouski – Treasurer
Jodi Cadle – Secretary
DJ Loberg – Member-at-large

The board can be contacted at  Here’s to another great year living in Scofield Farms!

Jodi Cadle
Secretary, Scofield ROA