Scofield ROA Playground Re-build Input Mtg

Photo of ROA Playscape Walkway
Hello neighbors,
Shelley Karn, ROA president, has asked me and fellow board member Paul Maine to take the lead in getting input from interested individuals on issues and priorities related to the playground re-build process.
So the next step is to have a face to face input session with interested parties. Based on that session and electronic input, the board will hopefully have adequate data to assist us as we project a direction. Accordingly we are asking all individuals interested in providing ideas and input on the playground renovation project to participate in the following meeting:
Scofield ROA Playground Input Meeting
Original Pancake House
Tuesday, 02/21/12
7-8 pm
We look forward to the dialog with interested individuals!

Easter Egg Hunt Event

Date: Saturday, April 7

Time: 10:30-noon

Location: Scofield Farms Park near the pavilion.

Refreshments & Easter egg hunt for all ages

Tiny Tails to You will provide a petting zoo
Jenny Walker will provide photos with the Easter Bunny
Lisa Griggs

Scofield ROA Security Update

Hello neighbors

Community Website- We have a new website and community discussion forum with regularly updated content. If you have not already done so, please register for the forum. Please visit:

The website is the official electronic communication channel from your Residential Owners Association (ROA) to you.

Private security patrol– As most of you know from past communications, the ROA board initiated a pilot project in July 2011 using a security patrol company (ProSecurity) to patrol our neighborhood at varying times through the week. We have just completed reviewing the neighborhood crime statistics from the APD website for the corresponding 6 month periods in 2010 and 2011 and concluded there is little justification to continue this service. Thus we have terminated this contract with the last patrols to take place over the next few weeks.

The ROA Board continues to believe that security in our neighborhood is a major priority.  If you see suspicious behavior in the neighborhood please call 911 immediately!


Current ROA security recommendations and initiatives:

1) Secure your home– First and foremost each of us needs to take the initiative to make our own home more secure by taking some or all of the actions recommended below:

a) Activate your alarm system and use it! Pay extra to install glass break sensors near vulnerable areas

b) Keep your garage doors closed

c) If you buy expensive electronics don’t leave the box sitting on the curb to advertise your new purchase

d) Install double-barreled deadbolts so someone can’t break the glass and reach in and unlock the door

e) Replace the small door latch plate screws with 3″ framing screws so your door can’t be easily kicked in

f) Leave 1-2 lights on outside. With highly efficient bulbs and $5 light sensors that screw right into the light socket available there is no reason not to do this
g) Use timers to turn interior lights on and off lights for chosen periods of the day and night
h) Install 2-3 motion sensor flood lights around your home

i) Padlock your fence gates if possible

j) Don’t leave valuables in your car and especially not in plain sight
k) Don’t park your car on the street. Park in your garage if possible or driveway at the very least
l) Lock your car
m) Be alert and don’t ignore suspicious activity


2) Security Alerts- The List Server is not adequate to quickly disseminate security related alerts. A group of concerned neighbors researched options and then created Scofield Farms (SF) Instant communicator – Nothing beats having the neighborhood’s eyes looking out for each other and having the ability to instantly send and receive alerts. SF Instant Communicator works by sending and receiving text messages. Please see the following link for more information and how to sign up:

3) Entrance cameras– The ROA board has initiated a feasibility study to determine the costs and technical/regulatory challenges associated with operation of entrance cameras. Obviously a camera does not stop a crime in progress but may be a major deterrent if criminals perceive a greater risk of being caught.  Clearly we would need good signage to alert the thieves of their increased risk in our neighborhood. One of our residents, Ryan Hoke, has taken the lead for the ROA’s feasibility study.  Individuals interested in helping with this study should contact Ryan at  Having cameras will not reduce the need for each of us to act on the measures 1 and 2 noted above which are immediate benefit and lot of bang for the buck.

Summary: We must continue our shared responsibilities to maintain a safe and secure neighborhood please: a) secure your home and cars as noted above, b) please immediately report suspicious behavior to 911 and c) please sign up for the instant communicator noted above to receive instant text messages limited to immediate security observations.

Instant Communicator Trial Succcessful – Widespread Adoption Next

The Scofield Farms (SF) Instant Communicator trial with a few early adopters has been successfully completed and we are ready to work on widespread adoption throughout our community.

What is SF Instant Communicator and why should you consider becoming a member?

Many of us have been reading on the List Server about break-ins and groups of suspicious boys wandering throughout our neighborhood. Several well intentioned members of our community have posted updates on the List Server as to the location of the boys and calls to the police. The intentions were no doubt to alert others in our community and for us to “keep our eyes open” and report suspicious activities to the police. The problem with the List Server is that it doesn’t provide a way to Instantly communicate important events. Most people that use the List Server receive emails and the problem with emails is that it might be hours or days before you read your email and the potential threat could could have passed long ago.

SF Instant Communicator uses technology to send important news in a matter of seconds to all members of the community that participate. Since many members of our community are retired or working from a home office – imagine how effective 200 sets of eyes can be in deterring crime in our neighborhood! The Webmasters will make sure SF Instant Communicator is not used to send SPAM.

SF Instant Communicator uses GroupMe software to instantly communicate important news. If you have a smart phone or a phone that can send and receive text messages – you can use SF Instant Messenger.

How can you become a member of SF Instant Communicator?

You can join the Forum. Once you are approved for the Forum you are approved to be a member of SF Instant Communicator. You can just send an email to the webmaster requesting membership. You can join the Forum by registering and then verifying your identity by supplying the webmaster with your pool card number or a copy of your utility bill.

Please join us in helping make our community a safer crime free place to live.


Paul Maine




Scofield Farms ROA Regular Board Meeting on 02/02/12

Subject: Scofield Farms ROA Regular Board Meeting
Date and Time: 02/02/12 at 7PM
Location: 9600 Great Hills Trail, Suite 100E
Austin, TX 78759

General Agenda:

Topics may include general association business, including old business and new business, covenant enforcement and budgeting/assessment. Executive session matters may include personnel matters, litigation, contract negotiations, enforcement actions, confidential attorney communications, matters involving the invasion of owners’ privacy, or matters involving parties who have requested confidentiality and the board has agreed to honor that request.

Specific Agenda:

The playground update
The neighborhood watch update—Ridge partnership—Steve
Specific properties we need to discuss
The website—Paul
The pool shed—David
The ACC—David
Schedule the annual meeting
Replacement of dead trees
Community forum possible dates
Community event calendar
Path forward to bylaw and DR updates

New Laws Regarding HOA Board Meetings

New laws regarding HOA board meetings became effective 01/01/12.

One state approved method to communicate board meetings is to post meeting notices on our website AND to email all owners who have provided their email address to the HOA.

If you have not already done so, please visit and register for the forum on As part of the registration process you are required to provide our HOA with an email address and this email address will be used to send you HOA Board Meeting notices.

If you have any questions you can email me.


Paul Maine
Scofield Farms Website

Scofield Farms Instant Communicator


This is to invite you to try GroupMe, a mechanism to quickly communicate important news to our neighbors.  It is like the email list, but provides a method of instant communication using your SMS enabled phone.  The news could be something like

  • “Suspicious car driving south on Scofield Farms drive”,
  • a fire in the neighborhood,
  • tornado or hurricane news,
  • help me messages that warrant a quick dissemination.
  • Scofield Farms’ neighborhood watch messages.

We are trying this out with an initial group of volunteers.  In a couple of weeks, and depending on feedback from the group, it would be made generally available to whoever would like to be texted instant neighborhood messages.  We’ll make sure that this is used for appropriate messages, and that non-residents are not added to this group.

So if you would like to volunteer to be an early adopter, please use one of the following methods:

1) If you are already a member of the Forum just email the webmaster from the same email account as the one you use for the Forum and indicate that you desire to join SF Instant Communicator. The webmaster will add you to the group and provide you with additional instructions.
2) If you are not a Forum member please consider joining the forum. If you choose to not be a part of the forum please email the webmaster your name, pool card number and either your SMS enabled phone or email address. After verification the webmaster will add you to the group and email you additional instructions.

Here is the email address for the webmaster:

SF Instant Communicator uses GroupMe. Any users, whether sending or receiving text messages with GroupMe, should be aware that standard text messaging rates may apply. Text messaging rates can normally be found by asking your provider.
Thank you, Kevin for suggesting this application. Special thanks to Piyush Mehta and Jerry Sachs for their work in researching and testing this solution.

Paul Maine
Scofield Farms

New Assistant Webmaster

We would like to welcome Debbie Southerland as our new assistant webmaster.  Debbie and her family have lived in the Park section of Scofield Farms for 7 1/2 years.  She is looking forward to the chance to build community among neighbors through the Web site.

Connect With Your Neighbors

In this day and age it can be difficult to meet your neighbors or to have any of their contact information. A friend of mine gave me the following link to a website that makes getting the contact information easy:

I tested it and it seems fairly accurate.

I hope this helps you to better connect with your neighbors.