REMINDER: New Pool Key Fobs – April 16

Urgent Action Required: POOL KEY REPLACEMENT

Please be advised that the current entry cards will be replaced with key fobs as of Wednesday, April 16.

To claim your replacement fob, complete/sign the form below and return to CMA –

Scofield Pool Waiver Form

Each home will receive one (1) free fob (see photo below). Additional fobs can be purchased for $25 each, with a maximum of four (4) key fobs per household. Payment for extra fobs must be received prior to processing the key fob order. 

Key fobs were mailed to those who have already completed the forms on April 11 – check your mail soon! 

Thank you for your patience as the new system is being installed, configured, and tested, and please share this info with your neighbors!

Thanks,Scofield Farms ROA Board