Action Required: Pool Security Upgrades

We are happy to announce that very soon the Scofield Farms pool will be receiving a few security updates – new security camera system, new pool security gate, and new entry system.  

Please be advised that the current entry cards will be replaced with key fobs. To claim your replacement fob, complete/sign the form below and return to CMA –

Scofield Pool Waiver Form

Each home will receive one (1) free fob. Additional fobs can be purchased for $25 each, with a maximum of four (4) key fobs per household. Payment for extra fobs must be received prior to processing the key fob order.   

Though the timing of these upgrades is near the planned pool opening date (March 16), we don’t expect a delay at this time.  Thank you for your patience as the new system is being installed, configured, and tested, and please share this info with your neighbors!

Scofield Farms ROA Board

Spring Time in Scofield Farms

Spring is just around the corner! No better time to get a jump on those homeowner maintenance items!!

Now is the time we remind each owner to take a step back and look at their yards and homes to see what might need to be addressed. This could include:

Landscape items: Apply Pre-emergent in Feb-March for weed control & Fertilizing in March – August to promote a healthy green lawn, simple weeding of yards and flower beds, edging sidewalks and driveways, rake up fallen leaves from driveways & sidewalks, adding mulch to beds, replacing those shrubs and flowers that did not survive the winter, pruning any trees and/or shrubs that are hanging too low or blocking sidewalks and signage, replacing sod in bare areas of front yards

General Home Maintenance Items: Power washing and/or painting siding, garage doors and trim that is showing its age with chips and mildew. Don’t forget to power wash the flatwork for a clean fresh look for the Spring!

Fences: check for missing or loose pickets, secure leaning sections; and, if needed, a fresh coat of stain or paint to make them look bright and new.

Please reference the CCRs posted on the Scofield website to ensure your property is in full compliance. Violation notices always increase in the spring for these items mentioned above and by taking care of them quickly, it will help reduce those notices and the cost to the Association and keep fines from being assessed to your property.

With each of you doing your part Scofield Farms will continue to be a community you are proud to call “home.”