2018 Annual Meeting Recap

Thanks to all neighbors who attended the 2018 Annual Meeting of the Scofield Farms ROA, held Wednesday, May 9, 2018 at the Frank Fickett Boy Scout Center.    Quorum was met via attending homeowners and submitted proxies, so business was allowed to proceed.

A draft of the 2018 Annual Meeting Minutes has been posted on ScofieldFarms.org General Documents page.

Welcome to DJ Loberg who was elected new member of the board!  DJ has been a Scofield Farms neighbor for 9 years and has volunteered in the past on multiple committees.  We’re happy to have you!

Anyone who knows outgoing board member Diane Harvey Anderson knows she gives of herself fully and sincerely.  As an original owner, she has been a guiding light for our neighborhood, serving on various committees and on the board.  We give the utmost of thanks to Diane for all she has given of herself for the benefit of Scofield Farms.  Diane, your work has made tremendous impact in our community, and we appreciate you!

2018-2019 Scofield Farms ROA Board:
Ketan Patel – President
Troy Alexander – Vice President
Mike Karbouski – Treasurer
Jodi Cadle – Secretary
DJ Loberg – Member-at-large

The board can be contacted at board@scofieldfarms.org.  Here’s to another great year living in Scofield Farms!

Jodi Cadle
Secretary, Scofield ROA