Board of Directors Meeting Scheduled for 06/28/12

Scofield Farms ROA
Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

Meeting Date: June 28,2012
Location and Time: CMA @ 6:00pm

9600 Great Hills Trail, Suite 100E
Austin, TX 78759

Call to order

Present – Shelley Karn,  David Negrete, Emmett Bills, Paul Maine, Debbie Southerland

a. Community member’s forum- Input allowed from homeowner/members

Approval of Prior Minutes

Review and approve minutes of the Board meeting held March 26, 2012.

Committee Reports

Neighborhood watch

Treasurer’s Report

Financial Review
Delinquency Review & Attorney Collection Status

Old Business

Bylaw & CCR amendment status
DRV updates- Jennifer

New Business

ACC approval guidelines through CMA

Other Business

Next Meeting


Executive Session