March 23, 2019

2012 Scofield Farms Neighborhood Wide Garage Sale

Greetings Scofield!

In collaboration with the The Ridge at Scofield Farms neighborhood wide  garage sale, the Scofield Farms neighborhood wide garage sale will be held Saturday, March 24th starting at 7AM located at your home (driveway, yard). It will NOT be held at a central location.  Be ready for early-birds!!!

Advertising in the Statesman will be paid by the HOA. We will be advertising in the actual newspaper that gets delivered to doorsteps each morning AND online at Advertisements on Craigslist, eBay classifieds and  (a map-based website) are also being pursued.
Our goal is to help each customer locate each garage sale easily and quickly.

Jenny  will post signs along Metric &  at the entrances. To get as much customer traffic as possible, the Ridge Social Committee is considering posting signs at Howard Lane & Scofield Ridge Parkway, Metric & Parmer AND at the Mopac frontage road and Scofield Ridge Parkway.

Please email Jenny Walker at  and put “garage sale” in the subject line. Provide Jenny with your name and address by March 17th if you would like to participate in the neighborhood wide garage sale. (please do not use yahoo email as I don’t check it:)

Happy Selling!
Jenny Walker