Instant Communicator Trial Succcessful – Widespread Adoption Next

The Scofield Farms (SF) Instant Communicator trial with a few early adopters has been successfully completed and we are ready to work on widespread adoption throughout our community.

What is SF Instant Communicator and why should you consider becoming a member?

Many of us have been reading on the List Server about break-ins and groups of suspicious boys wandering throughout our neighborhood. Several well intentioned members of our community have posted updates on the List Server as to the location of the boys and calls to the police. The intentions were no doubt to alert others in our community and for us to “keep our eyes open” and report suspicious activities to the police. The problem with the List Server is that it doesn’t provide a way to Instantly communicate important events. Most people that use the List Server receive emails and the problem with emails is that it might be hours or days before you read your email and the potential threat could could have passed long ago.

SF Instant Communicator uses technology to send important news in a matter of seconds to all members of the community that participate. Since many members of our community are retired or working from a home office – imagine how effective 200 sets of eyes can be in deterring crime in our neighborhood! The Webmasters will make sure SF Instant Communicator is not used to send SPAM.

SF Instant Communicator uses GroupMe software to instantly communicate important news. If you have a smart phone or a phone that can send and receive text messages – you can use SF Instant Messenger.

How can you become a member of SF Instant Communicator?

You can join the Forum. Once you are approved for the Forum you are approved to be a member of SF Instant Communicator. You can just send an email to the webmaster requesting membership. You can join the Forum by registering and then verifying your identity by supplying the webmaster with your pool card number or a copy of your utility bill.

Please join us in helping make our community a safer crime free place to live.


Paul Maine